Story of the St. Kateri Statue

The almost life-size St. Kateri Statue in the Chapel was donated to the Kateri Committee by the Kocher/Shenandoah family. The completely white statue was delivered to Pat Whyland’s ceramic studio in Fairmount where she painted it with traditional colors; then she and Emily Stewart purchased the stone base from Milton Supply in Fairmount after which it was taken to Dick’s Automotive on N. Salina St. where they permanently attached it to the stone base. A plaque was prepared and attached to the base that reads: In Memory of Josephine Shenandoah 1918 – 1996 and Grandson Tim Kocher 1968 – 1997. Before the statue was dedicated, all of the (St.) Kateri Committee members and guests signed their initials on each bead of the rosary suspended from (St.) Kateri’s hands. The statue resides in the St. Kateri Chapel and is brought out to stand next to the altar during the St. Kateri Tekakwitha Mass and Feast Celebration in April of each year.